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Clint Session Done For Season


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from ProFootballTalk:

Session and Poslusnzy helped Daryl Smith form a great linebacker group, at least until this week. Session’s season is over after he suffered a second concussion this year.

“Clint brought energy to the field and was playing well, giving us an explosive blitzer who was a tempo-setter against the run,” G.M. Gene Smith said via the Florida Times-Union.

Of course, durability is a factor when evaluating a move too. Session missed 11 games last year for the Colts and will miss seven games this season.

Just FYI...Now we know more about why the Colts let him walk. Sure part of it's bad luck, but it's not like having Session for 10 games would have made any difference

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Colts get injured the most of any team out there. All teams deal with injuries, but Colts deal with the most

The Packers had 16 players on the IR last season, the same amount we did, and won the Super Bowl. I am getting very tired of the injury excuse, every team has them, football is a dangerous sport. It's called having depth and the Colts just don't have it. But back to the topic, I feel bad for Session. I really had alot of hope for him last season. He can be a difference maker and impact player. Unfortunately he just can't stay healthy.

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