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New Improved Colts Draft (11-22-11)

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This is based on what I think could happen, and not my particular wish list...

In Bold is what I think SHOULD happen...

Indy hires Mike Singletary as DC

Indy hires great QB and offensive minded prospect as HC(Someone to develop Luck)

1st- QB Andrew Luck (I just dont see us passing on this guy)

2nd- NT Brandon Thompson

3rd- CB Casey Hayward

4th- Best WR available

5th- SS Harrison Smith

Rest of picks spent on OL

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A. Manning is going to give us 3-4 more solid years.

B. (If Manning is done or the Colts Organization thinks he is done AND they don't want to pay the 28 million roster bonus next year...)


RD 1: Draft Luck (Trade to Miami or Washington for their next three RD 1 picks.

RD 1: Draft Barkley...Trade Barkley to Washington or Seattle for 2 RD 1 picks and a RD 2...

RD 1: Draft Clayborne CB or Kirkpatrick CB or Martin OT or Kalil OT (From Miami/Washington)

RD 2: Draft Decastro G

RD 2: Draft Barron SS (From WASH/SEATTLE)

RD 3: Draft BEST Available...

RD 4: Draft BEST Available...

RD 5: Draft BEST Available...


(3 RD 1 Picks) (From 2012 Luck/Barkley and our normal RD 1)

2014 ****DRAFT QB****

(2 RD 1 Picks) (From 2012 Luck and our normal RD 1)


Back to Normal (Peyton Retires)


RD 1: Draft Andrew Luck QB

RD 2: Draft Decastro G or Konz C

RD 3: Best Available...etc...etc...etc...etc...

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