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Week 1: Start Nicks or Crabtree?


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I'm playing three wide receivers. I've got Keenan Allen, Edelman, Nicks, and Crabtree. I plan on starting Allen, Edelman, and Crabtree. Dallas' and Miami's defenses are questionable and Allen is a stud. Anyone second guessing this decision?

I'd go Crabtree no doubt.

Who are your RB's?

You're pretty weak at WR.

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    • I think Colts win. Do people realize if they will lose, they will be one tie  and 2 losses against divisional opponents? That's catastrophic and another huge uphill climb only to be followed by a late season collapse if the story plays out lol.
    • The Colts match up good defensively v. TN.  Run oriented team without a star receiver.   offense not sure about.  Titan front 7 is pretty solid.  Ryan will need to protect the ball and hit hot reads better than Sunday.  Probably tough going got JT on most downs.  Hopefully hits a long one or two.  Hasn’t really had much of that yet.   I’d have to give Indy the nod here at home.  But it’s pickem for me.
    • Our management (whole) is very stubborn lol... not only Gus...    Need Blackmon at SS, and Cross or other at FS.    Need Moore only in NB snaps, and Rodgers outside. Less Facyson, unless he's vs big WR (when need more bump/run D). 
    • LT - if working, don't mess it with. Played good G1 vs a stud DE. in G3 2nd highest grade vs Clark.  LG - obviously -------------don't mess with left side---------------   C - Ryan Kelly is looking better than last year. But, to be fair, Pinter outplayed him at C last year. So I could go either way.   --------------------- need to figure out right side ---------------------- Fries is not good.... sorry, he's not. Either bench Pinter or move to C. Prefer to bench unless Ryan Kelly starts plays worse Try Dennis Kelly at RG or RT. If RT, bump Smith to RG. Best scenario is Dennis can play RG, and OL plays good and together.  And fire Strausser. 
    • Yea while this game isn’t make or break (no week 4 game is ever truly make or break), i think we will get an idea who we really are.   Say we come out and play well and grab a W, those first 2 weeks are a distant memory.    We have a very good opportunity this week and I’m excited about it. 
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