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Indianapolis @ Denver (9-6-14)

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That was what I was afraid of. Can our lbs cover. I didn't see it in the preseason and I haven't seen anything to change my mind yet. Even with that little grab he still is too quick. Hope we can make teach that up on the sideline.

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that's Allen fault NBS he is a bit slow

that's just dumb. He can't be faster than he is. Taliban baited him into that throw and read it all the way. I think we need to continue to run it and throw screens and those quick crossing routes. Once the defense draws up maybe hit hilton over the top.
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    • Rough 53 (some will be cut)   QB- Wentz, Eason RB- Taylor, Hines, Mack, Wilkins LT- Cosmi, Tevi LG- Nelson, Pinter C- Kelly, Hunt RG- Glowinski, Reed RT- Smith, Davenport TE- Doyle, Allie-cox, Morris, Thomas  WR- Hilton, Pittman Jr, Pascal, Campbell, Newsome, Pattmon   DE- Houston, Banogu, Turray, Smith, Muhammed, Rochelle DT- Buckner, Stewart, Lewis, Stallworth, Brown LB- Leonard, Okereke, Speed, Adams, Franklin CB- Rhodes, Melifonwu, Moore, Ya-Sin, Tell, Rodgers, McCain III S- Blackmon, Willis, Davis, Odum   K- Blankenship  P- Sanchez LS- Rhodes    
    • Those three PLUS wide receiver!   Those Big 4 match our four biggest needs. 
    • *Colts re-sign Justin Houston- This may be after the draft but as of now I think he is the best chance to help our pass rush not take a step back unless we want to try Ingram or Clowney.   **I still have hope Ertz could end up available but if not oh well.   Here we go... yep. No trades.   1. Sam Cosmi- LT- The time to replace AC is now. This may not technically be the best valued player available but he's not far off. If we wait until 54 I think there will have been a run on the best remaining OTs. Take a quality athletic LT at 21 and keep the o-line in great shape. Next year we are likely without a 1st, there may not be a better time. We could trade back but that's hard to predict. We would need a great deal to pass on our pick of the litter imo.    2.  Ifeatu Melifonwu- CB- Great fit. Tall, athletic, excels in zone. Not quite as big a need as DE but not far behind. Rhodes only has one year for now and I, like others, would like to see an upgrade over RYS.   4. Elerson Smith- DE- With the need at LT and the lack of value in round two we opt to dig for athletic upside for our pass rush addition. We come up with Smith. He's a bit of a forum favorite and I get why. We can't confidently fix every issue this year imo, but if you can't, at least find some upside.   5. Dazz Newsome‐ WR- We may very well pass up a lot of good value at WR this draft but the good news is some solid prospects are likely to fall into the later rounds. An explosive prospect who can compete with Campbell to replace Hilton as our little guy speedster. Lol   6. Quentin Morris- TE- One of my favorite late round prospects. With this being an average to below average TE class after Pitts, Morris offers some upside to provide us with a move TE down the line.   7. Franklin McCain III- CB- Borrowing again from a pool of forum recommendations. You can't realistically expect late round guys to all be hits but I'm down for investing those final picks in depth we can groom.   Final notes:   - Cosmi and Melifonwu are my favorite no trade 1-2 realistic punch. Value and need matches pretty nicely imo.   -I've seen Newsome graded as a 2nd rounder but most have him at rounds 4-5. He also ran a 4.38 so I might be a bit optimistic about his availability   -I could always do another mock but I don't see my view changing much from now until the 29th.
    • It’s the University of Michigan for goodness sake!    It would be a bigger deal if Dodds wasn’t there!   
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