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My 10 Team Non PPR Fantasy Team

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I like it, for picking 10th... Maybe a little light at RB... My 10 person draft shook out like this for me...


QB - Luck, Romo

RB- L.Bell, Morris, Ellington, Gerhart, Woodhead, Ivory

WR- Megatron, A. Brown, Floyd (Ari), K. Wright, Hunter

TE- Ertz, Clay

Def- Cards

K- Folk


I'm in a two flex league... 17 rounds. I picked 6th and took Megatron with my first pick so my starting lineup looks like



RB- L. Bell, Morris

WR- C. Johnson, A. Brown

TE- Ertz

Flex- Ellington


Def- Arizona

K- Folk


I think its solid, but lacks world beaters, save for megatron... I grabbed Luck in the 5th after an initial run on QBs where somebody picked RGIII and Cutler ahead of me... Felt lucky that they were homers for their guys so I could be as well.

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