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    • That's been my comp with Levis for awhile. Here is the thing though, Wentz did play some damn good ball in the league. He played pretty good ball as a whole in 21. Where his biggest flaw has been is his leadership ability and I've never believed he has had the competitive fire needed. Levis appears to have both of those characteristics and I believe he has a stronger arm as well. I don't think he has as steep of a learning curve as other prospects coming from a pro style offense the last 2 years. Would you have been happy with Wentz if he was more of a competitor and a better leader? I think most would say yes including the front office.
    • This reminds me of Kadarius Toney's juke abilities east west. However, on the field, typically zone coverage forces the WR to make some hard choices, go east west or take the certain yards north south. Toney with the Chiefs, plays like he is in a phone booth, still unrefined and leaves yards on the field, trying to find if there is more to be gained by going east west. That is where WR coaching comes in.
    • The cost of living in Cali and NY is outrageous. It would blow your mind. My Mom and Step-dad have a house in Center Grove and it is worth $700,000. Their house has it all even a Sun room, Basement, half an acre in the back yard fenced in + a 3 car garage and 4 bedrooms - their master bedroom is like an apartment. In Cali or NY it would be worth 3 Mill. I thought maybe my step-dad would give Russell Wilson a run for his money with the 4 showers/full bathrooms 
    • I am back and forth on Levis   His 2021 tape looks good, his 2022 tape is average at best   If the Colts do their research, and love the guy above Richardson, then so be it     Richardson is very raw..... but there are plays that are amazing.   There are a few plays, where he outruns DBs......  crazy   He can flick the ball with ease   It looks like his main issue is mechanical. Set the feet right, and his accuracy goes from 52% to 58 to 59%     He will need to sit a year, but he has Mahomes level ceiling, that no one else has in the draft...... but his "floor" is more like a basement        
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