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Colts cuts: 53 man roster (Official Thread)


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    • Ask the same question at the end of 2021 season. It will be interesting to know everyone's answer by then
    • Note-1:   I never care if any poster and I agree or disagree.   I care far more about the arguments you make to back up your point.      Note-2:   You post a lot.  Not complaining.  And when you post a smart, thoughtful post, as you often do,  I give it a like.  I only give a negative emoji (said or laughing) when I think it's called for.   I don't do it all the time with you.   Earlier this week,  you literally wrote that you try to give a player a half a season before making a judgement.   When I got done laughing,  my response was....   Oh, really?    Where was the half season for Okereke?    Where was the half season for Willis?   Where is the half season for Blackmon?    Where is the half season for Burton?    Where was the half season for Brissett?    I'm sure there are more,  but you get the point.    None of these guys got a game, much less a half-season.   Okereke:   You didn't like him on draft day.   Said he can't play the run.   Somehow in his first year,  Okereke was the highest graded rookie linebacker in the NFL.  Not in the AFC South.  Not in the whole AFC.   But in the entire National Football league.   Now this year, he's not playing the pass well.  And your're all over that.   So, how exactly did Okereke become the highest graded rookie linebacker in the NFL?   Because if a poster only read your posts about him,  one would think Okereke is terrible.  One would think Ballard blew the draft pick.  Your commentary is totally one sided.   Willis:   You didn't like him from the jump.   You criticized him after the Buffalo pre-seasonn game.   He played a lot his rookie year.  He's starting this year.   He may not be great,  but most think he's pretty good.   You think he's a situational safety in the box...  a hybrid linebacker I think you called him.   The front office and coaching staff think otherwise.   Blackmon:   Yet another you didn't like on a draft day.   You've been calling him a future STRONG safety from the beginning.   The GM,  the scouting staff,  the HC,  the DC and the position coach -- everyone -- has called him a free safety.   But up until this week,  you've been hinting that you're not yet convinced.   And when Blackmon started making plays,  you told other posters not to get too excited because he was doing it against bad offenses.   Then, he has yet another good game against Cincy and now you're starting to move your position.   Moving like a glacier.   Maybe he's a FS afterall.  So, now you're new argument is that the coaching staff made Hooker look bad by using him in the wrong defense and they're making Blackmon look good by putting him in the right defense.   So, you're now explaining why you've been wrong by blaming the coaching staff.   Burton:   Didn't like the signing at all.   In fact, while he was injured and before he played a single game you wrote about how you hoped the staff didn't use him too much.   So, he plays his first game,  scores two TD's, one rushing and one receiving, and back you jump to tell posters not to get too excited...   that sincy has a bad defense.     There always has to be an explanation why you're well stated positions seem wrong.   It can't just be that you're wrong.   Brissett:   When Jacoby Brissett started off 5-2 there you were telling everyone it was Fools Gold.   You think the rest of the season proves you were right.   Many of us think the fact that he was hurt in the Pittsburgh game which led to his falloff in play is the reason.  Either way, he didn't get a half season from you.   You were negative from the start and shaped your arguments accordingly.   Reich:   You and I are long on the record on our view on Reich.   And you don't deny that you're argument about the entire 2018 season came down to one game, the playoff game vs. Cincy.   And now it continues.   This week,  you went out of your way to say how much you like Reich (As a GUY!)   He passes the famous Beer Test.   Which brings us to this thread...  it's title is "10 burning questions about our WR group."   But one look at it and it's not hard to see it could also be titled  "10 more examples of how bad a play caller Frank Reich is.   Or,  Why does Frank Reich suck so much?"     Summary:   You have lots of interesting observations.   You think you're protected by the use of Next Gen Stats.   Frankly, I don't think you know how to use them -- at least,  not honestly.   So, my arguments are not that you do or don't like any given player.   It's how you present your argument.   How you present your case.   I'm rarely impressed.   When I am, you get a "like" from me.   Not that you care, and I don't expect you to.   I'm just saying I try to be fair with you.   I give credit when you earn it.   And I show my disapproval when I don't think you're being honest.   You give players a half year to show themselves?    Yeah,  that's not true, and I think I just showed it.  
    • they are not ranked good in either , but stats can be misleading .  Look at the offenses they faced , the colts were rank number 1 defense in every stat by far .  Stats can be misleading at times , they lions seem like the blitz a lot watching them play the jags.
    • autry played very well at defensive tackle and he is 285 .  lewis is around 280 now and shorter then autry .  i trust the coaches they see lewis play every day and see him as a better fit playing the 3 behind buckner . 
    • he is a great fit for the 3 technique , its not like he is a nose tackle taking double teams.   He is gonna face a guard one on one that is the point the the 3 technique to line up between the tackle and guard to avoid being doubled by the center and guard.  his speed is the reason why they moved him , against a tackle he is to slow but against a guard who mostly struggles in space it will get a good pass rush .  Its not like guards are bigger then tackles they all weigh about the same just tackles are usually taller and better in space .  I dont see a big deal if lewis is going one on one against a tackle or a guard .  as long as lewis can get off his block it shouldnt matter , only in short yard run situations would it really matter . 
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