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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts Vs. Saints Preseason Game Night Thread

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Ok I'll say something positive about G Whalen. He is Mr reliable. Fights to prevent a pick and then makes the catch in third and long.

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Two great plays in this Colts drive lead by Harnish, first the long gain, by Herron, then the big pass play from Harnish to Josh Lenz!  Colts are back in the game!  :td:  Colts are still down 17-20 though.


Wish  Harnish  went through on fourth down before the end of the first half, though. Otherwise the Colts lead now 24-20.


GO COLTS!!!!!  :cheer:  :coltslogo:  :colts:  :1colts:  :cheer:  :D

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Final score Saints 24, Colts 13. Just a preseason game to see how the first through third string units of how the offense, defense, and special teams of both the Colts and Saints react during the course of the game.  Indianapolis  has  one more shot to win their first preseason game of the year as the Colts travel southeast down Interstate 74 to play their annual preseason game with the Cincinnati Bengals, at Paul Brown Stadium. Colts would already have their roster down to 75 players, and after the Bengals game finalize their 53-man roster for the upcoming regular season by this time next Saturday Night, plus their practice squad.


See you here back on the game night thread, and GO COLTS!!!  :coltslogo:  :1colts:  :colts:  :coltshelmet:  :blueshoe:  :coltslogo:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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    • Good question.   I think you draft a QB in the early rounds (round 1 or 2) if you truly believe in that QB, in which case, it's a calculated decision to cause some unrest with the team initially, with the hopes that the new QB is the answer at the position.   However, if you draft a QB in the later rounds, I'm sure that the team and JB will understand that it's for the purpose of developing a QB and not for immediately supplanting the #1 QB. JB is safe and the team understands who their #1 QB is.
    • Playing Kelly for one game though isn’t going to really tell them much. But if he has worked hard I don’t have a problem giving him some time in the jags game to reward him for his hard work.
    • But this gives you so much valuable information as an organization, it clears up so much.  You can go into the draft will a much better direction.  If Chad wasn't close to as good to Jacoby then why keep him?  You can find much more stable backups than Chad.  Heck, we already have one of those guys in Hoyer.   1.  We have a guy with huge upside, so maybe we do get Love and see if he develops and gives Chad a run for his money.  Also, Chad my screw up again.   2.  Be aggressive in the draft because neither are going to be the guy.  They can fight it out for the backup.  See if you can get something for Jacoby or Chad.   3.  See number 2.     Show the team that the Colts walk the walk and that there will be competition at every level 
    • I couldn't agree more.  Who gets drafted where is so important to that QB's chances for success for all the reasons you mentioned above.   I think the Colts would be one of those franchises where a rookie would develop quickly and could wind up starting sooner rather than later.  Regarding Kelly none of us know anything about his leadership abilities.  He certainly looked in command of the team in the limited time we saw him play.  He's been squeaky clean this year off the field so maybe he has settled down.  We will see I guess.  Colin Cowherd had an interesting segment on his show today.  He talked about the success rate in the NFL of QB's coming out of Major programs with 4 and 5 star recruits versus the mid tier programs and the 3 star recruits.  The mid tier programs won in his analysis and this year he actually compared Burroughs to Love as an example of a power school to a mid tier school.  Interesting listen if you can find it.  He too feels where they land will determine how successful they become.  I have a feeling Love is going to get a lot of love leading up to the draft.  If he truly turns out to be Ballards guy I believe he is going to have to go out and get him.  JMO.
    • What about drafting a QB? Doesn't that tell JB he isn't the guy, and is just keeping the seat warm for when the new guy is ready?   If Kelly starts JB will get over it, and the team will embrace the staff for doing everything possible for this season and the future of the team.
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