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Colts Vs. Saints Preseason Game Night Thread


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Not exactly what you want to see in the third preseason game.

I can live with the poor tackling and getting ripped to shreds by screens as that has always haunted us. Seeing Davis whiff on that tackle is pathetic. He wanted to do a big hit instead of just wrapping the guy up.

Seeing Luck be off this bad is something you do not want to see.

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Tackle Colts Tackle

You can't leave your D on the field for 20 mins of the half and not expect them to start missing tackles and get pushed around.


I would like to see the starting O come out take the opening drive then go to back ups.


We didn't look great tonight big deal it is preseason. Lets get to week one healthy.


I am not sure why Pep doesn't throw the ball to Trent out of the backfield he is dangerous out there 51 catches his rookie year. I really don't understand why he tries that same play that Mewhort has to pull on he can't make that block he is our future T not a G IMO. 

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