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Looking for 6 to join ppr


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Not sure what ppr is,  will have to look it up.  I have joined in to check it out though.  Have been in ESPN leagues for a few years now.

PPR is point per reception.  So the players get a point or two for every reception as well.  I also have it set up for put/kick return points.  i think its 1 point for every 25 yards.

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Lets talk trade. What's it going to take to get Charles off of your hands?

I'll open with AJ Green and Mike Asiata straight up for Charles.

Lol I'm not, not open to trading him but I'm really really unsure. I'm hurting at RB and set at wr because of my TE's. Let me mull it over.

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Oh and who was it that said the recent trade was collusion? Go look up Martellus Bennetts' numbers and look at lynchs'. They are comparable. Bennet had more I think. Then look at what vereen has done compared to Jared cook. He had two good running backs but needed a TE. I had two good TE but needed a RB.

Now go look at what Shane Vereen had done since he is now the starter at rb. 23pts at the half.

If those kinds of number keep up, even just getting 15 pts from him, he made our better in the trade.

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