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calling holmes and mewhort

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They will be back when they are ready. Good players, and important to the team. We'll be ok in the mean time. Grigs is building this team right. While some fans are busy ejecting spittle while complaining about this team and the way its built, Grigs is performing an historic rebuild in an impressive span of time.

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Right, they are my good friends but I don't know their relationship with each other. This was in highschool so it was some time ago. I wish the best for him. I would like to see him play behind a decent line to see what he can do.

Yea, I'd give a day's pay (at least a couple of hours) to watch him play with our 1st string O.  As Andrew has said, Reggie makes a qb look good.  It's hard to evaluate him playing with guys who will be resuming their pizza delivery jobs soon.

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thats not luck. he wouldnt throw someone under the bus no way


Having a private conversation about his concerns about the team with a friend and fellow teammate would not be "throwing someone under the bus".  If Harnish chose to be a little too "loose lipped" with a private conversation that would be on him.  Most likely scenario is the trainer "heard what he wanted to hear" or is blowing smoke.

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