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Frustrating interviews

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haha, it was frustrating before i've given up..

I guess the colts are pretty set in their ways, i've been asking about training camp highlights for years, always got an answer it wasn't doable because of giving away team signals and formations..

But this year they finally started making short video highlights, so i guess there is hope for a change..

It took a few years and constant complaining from fans, but younger guys (bowen, andres) now taking over might speed things up..

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LOL, It could be they don't mic' the interview room is because they don't want some of the questions and comments heard.


With the success of this organization, it bothers me to see the vulture like attitude of the local press, and that can be said for the media in general... Everybody is looking for the negative spin these days bec. that's what sells!


Yeah, nobody likes rampant homerism, but it just seems everybody is digging for the negative, kinda sad.

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