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Miami Analyst Says Luck If Colts’ Not Draft Him. Likely Cost You Multiple First- And Second-Round Picks.

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@Ky and Husker- Incorrect, I agreed with the notion of the #1 overall pick sitting for YEARS! I am not the one who asked for an example, therefore my counter proved exactly what I agreed with, a #1 is not sitting for years. So great argument tactic on your part, assuming you know my viewpoint. Go read any thread where I post abotu this topic, I am saying it is not logical for him to sit YEARS under Manning, Get your facts straight!

nowhere in the post you agreed with did it say sitting for years.

Where does it say I agreed with sat for any amount of time. Interestingly it doesn't say that!

"Seriously people come on. Please name me 1 number 1 overall player that sat for any amount of time. All im asking for is 1. Its not going to happen. We are either gonna draft luck and trade peyton(please god, NO) or we are gonna trade this pick for a kings ransom. Look at Andy Dalton. He's a 2nd round pick. Thats right 2nd rounder. And he has started since DAY 1. Thats how the h3LL i know. The most hyped QB since probably the modern day draft and you people honestly think he is gonna sit for any amount of time SMH."

Thats the whole quote, I could have agreed with any one part of that and said +1.

if i only agree with a part of a person's post, i will delete the parts i don't agree with.

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