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Question of the Day - 08/07 "Throwback Thursday"

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HOF RB Marshall Faulk would be a good choice to rally our troops on the eve of a grand INDY season or maybe even Edgerrin James. Do it like tag team speech to motivate TR & Bradshaw to blow the doors off our defensive competition this year. 


Works for me man. Jvan's suggestion of Jim Mora just rocks though. I love it man!  :thmup:

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Marvin Harrison

As my friend FX always says "I didn't even know he talks" but on the plus side as long as we have plenty of free junk food on hand, I will bet you that Marvin shows up for Hostess goodies vs a large speaking fee. Just Kidding Marvin!


You are the best man & you desperately need to go in the NFL HOF next as a WR IMO. 

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Jim Harbaugh, no doubt!

If the sound check guy in charge of the audio sound system at the speech wore a stripped shirt & Jim experienced technical difficulties during his inspirational commencement would he complain that the guy in the zebra shirt robbed him of a 1 of a kind historic moment though? [NFC Championship Game & SB referee joke].


I kid; I kid. Tough room man...Nothing but crickets chirping...Ouch...As Fozzie The Bear from Jim Hanson's Muppets would say "waka waka waka." Yeah, you're right. SW1 oversold the joke there. My bad. Sorry. 

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    • Do you see how our CULTURE and team mindset jumps off the screen? And now we're getting more athletic. We not falling behind anything.
    • I know the original post was more so relative to the rest of the conference (that is a lot better now). I know. It's a fair question. I just don't get why some people are saying we've fallen off a cliff lol.    I think we edge the division over TEN and make it to AT LEAST the second round. I worry about KC, BAL, and Buffalo. Kinda CLE, but not too much. Kinda LV lowkey, but not much. The Chargers don't scare me JUST yet. Jags, not yet. Steelers fell off I think.
    • Title speaks for itself.    Anything could happen from Tyrod having his moment, to an utter dumpster fire. I say 3-6 wins and last place in the south.    We should include our predictions for the AFCS I pick the Titans and Colts as 1 and 2 with both making the playoffs and jags close to a .500 record. Although with 17 games it will be hard to land on that record.
    • The dilemma is do we bank on Fisher recovering quick enough to not miss any/a significant amount of time and hope he's still able to play at a high level when he gets back? Or do we go with Leno that almost certainly guarantees an average to above average level of performance that, unless something happens between now and the start of TC, will be healthy to start the season?   High risk/High reward with Fisher. Low risk/Medium reward with Leno.   Fisher playing at his prior high level is the absolute best case scenario with us, although not exactly likely with the injury he's recovering from. Even if physically recovered, the mental aspect typically adds an element of hesitancy that can be devastating for a player's performance, especially at a position like LT. If we go with Fisher, I don't think we'll get Fisher playing at a pre-injury level and with his recent string of significant injuries, I'm a bit wary of his ability to stay healthy at his age.
    • Let's assume what I think we should assume:  -We get at least average QB play from Wentz (We should assume this because he's only had one bad season and has been a top 3-8 QB all the others) (Wentz at his "average" is already more dynamic than Rivers) -We have a healthy JT/Mack combo -We sign a LT that gives us at least average LT play -Kwity/Turay are at least average  -Campbell.... well... yeah nevermind LOL   Tell is back giving us more depth/flexibility, Blackmon is second year and is a bonafide playmaker. Did we lose vets? yes. Are we more dynamic? yes.   I think the floor is the slightest bit lower and I think the ceiling is a lot higher. I mean if we get 2019 Wentz, we're going to the SB. I do NOT get why I'm reading that we apparently suck now 
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