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Nfl Tv Distribution Maps - Week 11


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Our Colts are finally on their break from the enduring 2011 NFL Season to enjoy their bye week on Week 11. For local TV viewers in Indianapolis the games available to watch over-the-air this Sunday, WISH CBS 8 will televise both the Bengals @ Ravens, and Chargers @ Bears primary NFL On CBS doubleheader games, while WXIN FOX 59 will televise the Buccaneers @ Packers primary early singleheader game on the NFL On FOX.


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    • NFL and NFLPA has agreed to modify gambling policy, set clear guidelines for punishments and have reduced timespan of suspension for NON-NFL bets placed from any team facility.   Any player who bets on the NFL will continue to be suspended indefinitely for at least one year, while players who wager on their own teams will get a minimum two-year penalty.   Any player found to be trying to fix any aspect of a game will receive a lifetime ban.   Timespan of suspension for placing a non-NFL wager while at a team venue — which includes the practice facility, any of the league's stadiums, or even the team plane or hotel while traveling -- has been reduced. The league has significantly reduced the initial penalty for this type of violation, with the first infraction carrying a two-game suspension, a second offense netting six games and a third occurrence drawing a minimum of one year.   For example, Lions 2022 first round pick Wide Receiver, Jameson Williams, had been suspended earlier for 6 games for placing wager on non-NFL games from team facility. As he's already served more than the timespan of suspension per modified gambling policy, NFL has announced that Williams will be reinstated on Monday following Week 4 games.    Former Colt Isaiah Rodgers would continue to serve the suspension announced earlier for a minimum of one year. 
    • I always looked forward to those games, cause I figured it was our best chance to win a game. Funny how it changed to watching two of the best teams in the NFL battle around 99 or so.
    • Yeah the early 90's teams were terrible. The 90 Pats and 91 Colts are arguably in the top 5 of worst teams ever.
    • Only way we can make the playoffs is:   Marlins lose their last 3 games, Reds lose 1 more game, and we win our last 2 games. Then we are in lol. If that happens, I will say I have seen it all at that point.   Assuming we do miss the playoffs, 1 word to sum up the season for me would be - PUZZLED.   I am not going to say disappointed or shocked, etc.. Puzzled fits more. Puzzled because we were playing so great in August and at 1 point had a 90% chance of making the playoffs. Not a disappointing season because before the season, many picked us to either finished last or 4th in the division. We at least were relevant this season.
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