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If Peyton Manning could use 100% of his brain at once he would have a seizure.

Therefore I have in fact used 100% of my brain at one time. It sucks I don't suggest you try it.

If you used 100% of your brain you'd have a fatal seizure, so I'm glad you didn't!
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    • The only part I agree with is that we should make a move for someone. hopefully at WR. But Antonio Brown is a HELL NO for me. If the patriots can't handle you, you are done! AB is gonna do great until Evans and Godwin get healthy and start getting more targets and then I'll be right here laughing at the Bucs for the signing. Even their head coach at the start of the season said that Brown wasn't a good fit and wasn't right for the team. You think a coach saying that about you will work out?
    • The best BBQ we have here in Pa is Mission BBQ. Im a BIG fan of good BBQ.  Just tuff to find in this part of the world. Never too late to eat. i can’t go to bed on an empty stomach.  I just threw some baked ziti down my throat and its 2 am.
    • Rivers has never been a Hall of Famer for me.   I think he’s in the Hall of the very, very good.  I suspect he will eventually get in the Hall.  He’s been very good for a long time and has put up lots of numbers.  So odds are the Chargers franchise will make a big push for him.   I won’t complain.   But if I had a vote, I doubt he’d get it.   Just my two cents....
    • I said I loved the trade back then too. Here's the proof. My posts are all over the thread. I'm not negative for the heck of it. Only when this team deserves it. 
    • Right.   Sure.    That’s what you say...  today.    Let’s see what happens a few years from now.   I’ll wait.    Oh, by the way, finding a franchise level quarterback is the hardest thing to do in all of sports.    So it’s possible we won’t replace Luck as easily as some here would like.   Or haven’t you seen all those trade for Sam Darnold threads?   (Yes, I know you’ve got at least one of them....)  
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