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Deja Vu All Over Again!


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Who remembers when we all wanted Kerry Collins out after Week 2/3? I do! Curtis Painter was the backup and lots of ppl had faith in him (to be honest, not me), but then he played and played very well for 2 games. Now, it's Dan Orlovsky. Curtis Painter is playing badly, and everyone wants him out. This is pretty scary, when you think about it. Kerry leaves at the end of Week 3, Painter comes in. Painter takes over as a starter. Painter gets benched in Week 10, Orlovsky comes in and does a not bad job (7 for 10 for 67 yards). Could he be the starter in Week 12? I hope so. Now here are my questions for yall:

1. Do you think Orlovsky will start in Week 12?

2. What do you think of this Deja Vu scenario?

3. Do you think a bye week is what Painter needs, and should he be given one more chance at starting vs the Panthers?

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Painter has proven that he is barely functional as a disaster (3rd string) QB. I suspect that Mcafee would probably do better than Painter has, actually. Therefore, we need a backup QB going into next season. So let's evaluate Dan, and see if he is worthy.

I hope so, because otherwise we are going to need to draft two QB's, Manning's eventual replacement, and one to serve as 2nd string QB. Painter -- He's not worthy to remain on the roster.

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I think come the Carolina game we will know the "plan" of this organization. If Curtis Painter is the starting QB then the decision has been made to go after the number 1 pick. If they give Dan the start then they are still trying to win games.

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