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We Are Two Games Up On Everybody For #1 Pick?

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Seattle won today as well. What a great day for the Colts draft hopes. LOL

No kidding. I couldn't believe it, nearly every team that was close to the Colts record pulled out a W today. Must be fate, right? LOL the Dolphins, Rams, Cardinals, Seahawks and Broncos all got a W today. Luck better get used to wearing blue and white, cuz that #1 pick is in the bag

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The Rams and Dolphins both won today. It's looking more and more likely first pick will be ours with the tough schedule ahead. I haven't checked the standings lately but I think every team has at least 2 wins now?

Tough Schedule. I see at least two wins (TITANS and CAROLINA) so that puts us out of the running because i know other teams will continue to lose and lose. Remember, we don't get the tie-breaker.

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When Caldwell leaves I want a defensive guru for a head coach. Manning most likely will be healthy & good for another 3-4 yrs.

It would be great if Luck would be the understudy but I don't believe he will.

I have this feeling Polian will try to get Dungy back (& retain Caldwell because Irsay is a nice guy) then with Manning

everything will go "back to the good ol' days".

But unless we change our defensive philosophy we are going to continue to struggle no matter who is coaching or at quarterback.

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Yeah it does look like we should have that top pick now. And this loss should also cement the firing of Caldwell and Coyer at season's end.

I still would like to make an offer to bring Jim Harbaugh to be our coach with Andrew Luck brought in. If we cant though I like Mike Zimmer, Rob Ryan, or maybe some highly touted defensive mind from college.

Agreed. I say offer the niners Saturday and Wayne for Harbaugh and hope they take the bait.

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We can even give Niners Addai as well. They would be stupid to turn a deal down like that and Harbaugh would force the deal so that he can work with his true prodigy. Everyone knows SF is peaking early and will fall back down so why not leave on a high note and join the Colts early in their dynasty. However, we already have a great coach in Caldwell so if Harbaugh says no I say stick with Caldwell and let him be the coach of our future dynasty.

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