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You know what annoys me about these Colts so much is their inability to ever try something different. When the Dolphins were bad a few years ago, they went to the Wildcat to win a few games. Do SOMETHING different. Instead, it is the same plays, same calls.

I honestly will be shocked if Caldwell isn't fired and Tressel or someone isn't intern since the bye week is coming up.

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0-16 here we come

Yep we are well on our way there. With the QB play we have I just do not see win coming at any time. I wonder if Bill will think Caldwell will still have done a better job then our Super Bowl run?

We need Reitz back and a Link just sucks.

It is infuriating that this team is just so freaking bad without Manning. I expected s drop off and be 6-10 to 8-8, but never did I see 0-16 on the horizon.

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