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Hi, Colts fans! :smile: 2011 has been an extremely difficult season for our Colts on the field, to win a game, perhaps that opportunity could come today as they host the visiting and 2-6 Jacksonville Jaguars in an AFC North divisional game at LOS. Colts are one of the last teams to have a bye this season, and a victory today over the Jaguars could finally bring a sense of accomplishment , and also make the players more relieved and less frustrated before the Colts head into their bye week. Colts are currently 7-2 overall on the game played before the bye week.

Former Los Angeles Lakers, and New Jersey Nets radio game announcer Spero Dedes, and former NFL and Notre Dame QB Steve Beuerlein will announce the TV game commentary regionally for The NFL On CBS, including WISH CBS 8 in Indianapolis.

Bob Lamey, our 'Voice Of The Colts,' and Wil Wolford will also announce the live radio game play-by-play and analysis on simulcast on Colts flagship stations WFNI ESPN SportsRadio 1070AM, and WHNK 98.1FM, and the Colts Radio Network.

LOS's roof may likely be closed to protect the fans and players from the outside elements for this afternoon's 1:05PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff. Local weather forecast at gametime is Cloudy and strong south/southwest winds at 26 miles per hour, feels like 56 degrees, 20% precipitation, and 72% humidity.

I wish no injuries to the Colts as they enter and play on the field today. Go for your first win, keep yourselves, your staff, and your fans happy before your bye week, and GO COLTS!!!!! :D:coltshelmet::colts::coltslogo::coltsfb::coltshorse::coltshelmet::blueshoe::fb:

Colts Vs. Jaguars Game Day Preview Including Injury Report:



Colts Vs. Jaguars NFL Gamecenter:


NFL On CBS TV Distribution Map - Colts Vs. Jaguars In Blue:


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    • What's wrong with #15? Is it an unlucky #? Just saying and why#1?
    • BINGO!  This staff realized our #1 deficiency and that is our lack of getting to the QB.  We can no longer wait for Turray to become that force and they went out and spent our 1st and 2nd rd picks of the 2021 draft on edge rushers.  If Turray gives us anything in 2021 it will be a bonus and actually give our 2nd rd pick time to recover from injury before he is counted on.  We may have finished 15th but it felt like 32nd with the lack of an aggressive blitz game plan and a true legit pass rusher.  I hope Irsay is correct in stating he has never in his life seen this type of edge rushing talent go back to back but I like the fact this team sees there biggest weakness and addresses it.  If only they saw the weakness at the wr position like I do but if you have a back like Taylor and a top 5 OL, who cares about the qb or wr position.
    • That is how I look at it as well. There is only 1 Tier 1 team in the AFC that is KC. There are a lot of Tier 2 teams though = Bills, Ravens, Titans, Browns, Colts, Steelers, and Dolphins. The Pats might even be Tier 2 but their QB play is still a mystery in how well Cam will play or will Jones be any good. 
    • Regarding Wentz, with the way this team is built we don't need him to be great just efficient.  Top 5 running game, top 10 defense all we need is him to play to the level of a top 15 qb, which is not a lot to ask honestly.  He has MVP capabilities with the right supporting cast so I trust Coach Reich in rectifying any mechanical flaws he may have.  We dont need an MVP qb to win in Indy but we do need him to be in the top 15.  That will be the telling tale of our season is if we have a top 15 qb.
    • At the end of the day it comes down to if the team is better. And @CR91 and others hit it on the head w identifying Wentz as really the centerpiece here.   - Our RBs are the same and should maybe be a tick better as Taylor continues to progress and as we get anything out of Mack this season compared to being without him last year.   - Our OL basically will be the same with some significant depth improvement. Reed is a huge huge improvement at OG if we have a need to play him. Pinter will be another year in and hopefully another year better. OT depth w Tevi and Davenport to add to Holden is way better. So really it comes down to how close to vintage Fisher we get and when. But it is a current concern.   - Our TE room is basically the same w hopefully some more chances for Allie-Cox (which would be an improvement w his ceiling) and replacing Burton who we got nothing out of w the speed and shiftiness of Granson. I think thats a slight upgrade.   - WR room is the same. Hilton cannot be utilized much less than he was last year. He should be a bit better at a minimum, especially w us able to throw downfield more. Pittman is a year more polished. Campbell is the big thing here. People that complained in the media or fan-wise about the Colts not doing much at WR seem to forget we are basically adding a talent in Campbell that would be right up there w top market assets if he can just stay on the field. Basically this group should be slightly better than last year just w depth improvements at the bottom of the roster and the better utilization of Hilton and could be a huge improvement if Campbell manages to stay on the field for the first time.   - QB all comes down to which Wentz we get. 2017 Wentz and its a grand slam. 2018 or 2019 Wentz and it is still a home run as a top-half of the league QB. 2020 Wentz and it is  a strikeout.    Defense:   Secondary remains pretty much the same with Tell coming back, Davis and Davis added for depth. The loss at DB coach is the biggest loss here. But likely we are around the same.   LB again remains almost the same. Walker out hurts the depth and the leadership but it is time for Okereke to get more time and to step up. It could be addition by subtraction but for the leadership alone I'll say we got slightly worse here,   DL is the mystery. Are the additions in Paye and Dayo better than the losses in Houston and Autry? Will a hopefully healthy Turay be better than the loss of one? Will Lewis finally reach his potential w more playing time in the Autry role? Can Banogu show anything? My gut says the DL got better. But they have to produce. it is time for the young bucks to put up or shut up.      At the end of the day my net sum makes me feel like the Defense is around the same with the DL dictating if we got better or worse. We invested in the DL to get better. Now they either show it or its a loss.   Offensively we are weaker at LT until Fisher is healthy. But we are better prepared to handle it than last year. And Campbell really could make a huge huge difference for the offense. It obviously comes down to Wentz. My gut says we are actually better offensively but that we will have some rocky times with Wentz's propensity to fumble and leave our defense on a short field.   I think the real challenge here is that most people see the Chiefs, Browns and Bills as being clearly better. Maybe the Ravens too. So if the Colts aren't "definitely" better than it looks like we lost ground.    But today I feel a lot better than i did yesterday before we had at least the option of Fisher at some point to help on the blindside. 
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