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  1. 1. Will The Colts Trade Their Draft Picks During The 2014 NFL Draft?

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Hi, Colts fans!   :)  Our Indianapolis Colts only have five selections, including one compensartory selection for tonight's 2014 NFL Draft, but do not, unfortunately, have a first-round selection this year.  Colts have the fewest draft selections this year with only five selections, while both the New York Jets and St. Louis Rams each tie the most draft picks entering tonight with 12 selections.


What would have been the Colt's 26th overall pick in the First Round of the 2014 NFL Draft tonight, was instead traded to the Cleveland Browns for the Trent Richardson trade after the start of the 2013 NFL regular season last September.


Colts other off-season moves involving their draft picks included trading their fourth-round selection, number 127th overall, also to the Cleveland Browns for the Browns 2013 fifth-round selection. Colts used that selection to draft defensive tackle Montori Hughes from Tennessee-Martin.


Colts later acquired an additional seventh-round selection, number 232nd overall, in the trade that sent center Allan Quay Shipley to the Baltimore Ravens.


Colts however traded their original seventh-round selection, number 241st overall, to the St. Louis Rams, for cornerback Josh Gordy.  Colts won't be able to draft players until Friday Night, beginning in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft.


We wish Jim Irsay, Ryan Grigson, and Chuck Pagano, and the Colts coaching and scouting staffs for a successful draft in the next three nights both from the Colts War Room, and at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.


GO COLTS!!!!!    :coltslogo:  :colts:  :nfl:  :1colts:  :blueshoe:  :helmet:  :nfl:  :coltslogo:    :D



2014 Indianapolis Colts 2014 NFL Draft Picks:


1.  Round  2,  Pick  27  (59th Overall Pick)


2.  Round  3,  Pick  26  (90)


3.  Round  5,  Pick  26  (166)


4.  Round  6,  Pick 27   (203)


5.  Round  7,   Pick 17  (232) (From Baltimore Ravens)

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The only way I think the Colts will trade draft picks would be a trade similar to the Montori Hughes deal last year. I could see Grigson trading a 4th next year for a 5th this year, seeing as how the Colts have the opportunity to net a couple of compensatory picks next year. Other than that, I doubt we see much wheeling and dealing from the horseshoe this year. With Grigson though, it really is anybody's guess.

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I really hope we don't trade.  Trading up would mean giving up picks; we don't have many picks this year and I don't like giving up future picks.  Trading down could mean losing out on some really good talent.  I think we should stay where we are.


Big shout out to LucasOilStadium for making the thread!

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I think you basically hope the 2nd/3rd picks workout because odds are 5/6/7 are longshots to ever contribute.

This will be an important udfa draft for us because we don't have many picks.

Don't mortgage next years picks, start clean again with all our picks and make moves if need be next year and use those to move around the draft. Go the udfa route and bite the bullet (lack of picks).

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I'd only agree with trading picks if we had a 1st rnd pick and could trade it for a extra 2nds and 3rds. I don't see how trading a 2nd rnd pick for multiple late round picks will help the team.

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The poll question talked about trading picks....   it didn't say 2nd round or 3rd round....   it just said picks....   which to me means could Grigson make a trade at all....    on any of our picks.


And the answer I would think is an overwhelming yes.


And yet 9 people said "no".....



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Clowney's attitude kinda annoys me.  I certainly wish the best for him, but I could see his attitude turning teams off or even making him a bust.  He seems to be more concerned about having fun and having a good time

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Browns trading all over the place. Justin Gilbert is a great pick. I don't know why people are booing. They have Brian Hoyer, they can get a quarterback later and wide receiver is deep this year.

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