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Marshall Faulk... Peyton Manning.

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I do however find this topic pretty interesting. Its something that sounds like Polian. Polian doesn't really have any loyalties to players at all. Maybe not even Peyton...? We haven't really been in this situation with the QB. Peyton has always been there. Always. But theres always the what if.

I completely disagree with your assumption about Polian. I just left a thread in which the argument was about the Colts not using their cap space efficiently because they pay too much to keep their own guys. Regardless of whether one agrees with that or not, it's hard to ignore the emphasis that the Colts have put on retaining their own throughout Polians term. Its been extremely consistent.

He is however a businessman with a job to do. There is no reason to expect a GM to put loyalty to a player above the good of the team. Loyalty is what led them to give Edge a SB ring, but they weren't going to overpay to keep him on the team. To do so would have been foolish. Similarly Faulk was traded because of a contract squabble. I like the guy now, but he famously always had a bit of an attitude. He was "the star", and wanted to be paid like it. The Colts were just starting to build a team around Manning, and preferred a young RB to Faulk. I think that they should have gotten more for him in the trade, but I have no problems with the underlying decision.

Regardless, none of that has much bearing on the Manning situation. I am confident that the Colts will give him EVERY opportunity to keep his job - not dump him and go with a rookie. He is special.

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