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Pats Release Haynesworth


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Sorry, if he cannot get energized working for an organization like the Pats that have enough of a winning history, nothing else will get his desire level up.

Next in line will be Ocho Cinco in a few weeks, I am guessing. The Pats better hope the Saints keep losing to get a good first round pick of the Saints and draft the best available wideout with their first pick. Or, if the picks stay high, they will package both their picks and move up to get Blackmon or Floyd, I am guessing.

They should do that for a change, instead of moving back all the time, might actually get them a Pro Bowler level talent like the last time they drafted high enough, with Jerrod Mayo.

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Looks like the Bucs took him off waivers. :yuk:t-h-u-d :rolleyes: He lasted longer than I thought he would.

Here's an article on him at NFL.com from Aug 26, 2011

A couple of excerpts mentioning Belichick getting thru to him:

"He's a bad guy," said one source there. (Tennessee) "He's actually intelligent, which makes it worse, because he knows what he's doing. ... He could care less about (motivational tactics). Belichick will not reach him. He's motivated by money, and sometimes revenge. He is a (expletive) when it comes to women. I think he'll be motivated when they play Washington. That's it."

"I don't buy that he's over the hill -- if he wants to go, he can go," said the second Titans source. "The difference is that these guys in New England will have no control over Albert. He'll be as good or bad as he wants to be. This is not a Bill Belichick reclamation story. This is all up to Albert. I believe that strongly."

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