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Wow, Here's An Interesting Scenario For Ya

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I would love to see us do this. If we have the 1st overall pick we SHOULD take QB Andrew Luck and then entertain trading Manning to Miami or another desperate team.

Getting the 2nd overall pick would give us leverage to trade down to a team wanting Matt Barkely, Matt Kalil, or Landry Jones. We could trade down and get the top CB in Morris Claiborne who would really help this secondary.

I would call that an A+ draft scenario. As much as I have appreciated Peyton and everything he's done for us, its a business and we need to do whats best for the Colts as a franchise in the long run.

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Posted · Hidden by Peytongirl, November 10, 2011 - same user as jackbutton
Hidden by Peytongirl, November 10, 2011 - same user as jackbutton

Just don't draft anyone from Penn State, they will probably being carrying a lot of emotional issues!

I don't know man, from all that I'm hearing, apparently Penn State has some pretty good tight end prospects...

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Trade Manning to 49ers and give him a chance to win another ring. Let him prove to be the best ever with another team. As for the Colts we need to start rebuilding with Luck. My :2c:

Its about time reasonable Forum poster showed up. I've been saying this for months now.. and keep getting pushed down by a bullying group of 4 that have no vision.

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Let me start by saying I would never trade PM, cause he's meant so much to this organization, and even though a trade could really benefit the Colts, my heart would never do it. But I'll roll along with the thread and just answer it...

I think we can trade PM to the Dolphins for the 2nd or 3rd overall pick, and Sean Smith (CB). Then we take Luck with the 1st, and then we can take Kalil. It's actually a pretty good scenario to be honest...

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