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Bill Would Punish Nfl Teams For Blacked Out Games In Fla.


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TAMPA -- The Bucs are on the road this weekend, but there's a lot of talk among fans about Sen. Mike Fasano's proposed NFL blackout bill.

It would mean good news for Bucs and all Florida NFL teams' fans, if it passes.

"It's great news for the fans -- definitely the Bucs, Jacksonville, Miami Dolphins -- all the Florida teams," said football fan D.J. Kingz. "It's great for us."

Fasano hinted at the legislation a few weeks ago on Political Connections.

Now, the bill has been filed and will start working its way through the state legislature.

"What we're asking of the owners is to step up to the plate when people are struggling now, in these economic times, and either purchase those tickets, or give them away to make certain that the games are not blacked out so the local people are able to watch their home team on television," Fasano said via phone Saturday.

While the bill would mean fans would be able to watch Bucs games, even if Raymond James doesn't sell out, what does it mean for the team?

"If you have a blackout game -- if any of your games are blacked out -- we're going to fine you," said Fasano. "That is something the legislature has every right to do."

The proposed fine would be $125,000 per blacked out game.

Bucs representatives said the organization feels it's a league issue and not a state issue.

At least one fan thinks it's a fair deal. "I think it's fair because it's their responsibility as a team, for the city and Florida. It's their responsibility to keep that crowd and to keep the fans interested," said football fan Rah Coleman.

Under the bill, the $125,000 fine would be returned to the local community for the purpose of purchasing tickets.

Those tickets would be for non-profit organizations, kids and military men and women returning from service and their families.


I can understand where this is coming from since most of those stadiums are built on the backs of tax payers. In the long run though this will just push teams out of Florida and do more harm then good.

Also, I have to imagine this is just being done for a reelection or something.

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