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Remaining FA options?

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No, they didn't. TY will take over DHB's position with Nicks on board. Anything we get from Reggie will be an unexpected blessing.


Nonsense. You literally made all of that up out of thin air.


I see how you could think yourself into it. But nevertheless, it's a conclusion that is about as deep & considered as a cup of coffee.


There are no indications that the Coaching Staff or Front Office have any concerns vis-a-vis Reggie's recovery nor has there been anything regarding any diminished expectations for him. You've just come to that alone because he is coming off of an injury.


Nothing more.


Regardless, Nicks does in fact now fill the vacancy created by DHBs departure/not being re-signed.


Reggie on the left, Nicks on the right and T.Y. in the slot. With Brazill more than likely backing up Reggie, Rogers backing up Nicks and Whalen (I'd personally rather keep DHB over Whalen) spelling T.Y.


As of right now (which means almost nothing), that will be the starting lineup on gamedays. They'll play all over the field...but that'll be the starting lineup sheet given to the Refs.

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Dude, you are just way off.


How can you even conclude it is in the past? He has been phenomenal for us up until his injury. Nobody knows if he'll be worse, the same or even better the coming years.

I can tell you with absolute confidence that Reggie Wayne will not be the same player over the next three years. Reggie is 36 in November and just how many WRs played well after that age? I would not be surprised to see Reggie go through training camp and see that he has lost a step and retire before the season starts. That is much more likely than his being an elite receiver in his late 30s.

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Bin Laden had absolute confidence he'd get away with it. Confidence isn't competence. ;)

He did get away with it. It took a decade to find him and kill him and an entire army in Afghanistan to do it. Reggie is yesterday. Enjoy watching him play a bit this year. I doubt he gets 600 yards or catches more than a couple of TDs. Age ends everything. He would be questionable this year if the injury had not happened last year. At best, he will be a slot receiver.

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I would have nothing to do with a three year contract for Reggie Wayne. It is time for him to retire and walk away before he embarrasses himself. I love what he used to be but that is in the past and this is a business. No place for sentiment.



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