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What's Worse Than 0-9?


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lmao if Orlovsky or however you spell it comes in and leads us to 0-16, he should be inducted into the hall of fame.

There will be a special room in canton dedicated to him "First QB ever to lead 2 teams to 0-16"

We will need to make him a statue sharing a similar posture to the Silver Surfer in that awful NES game.


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Or just some random statue and place a paper bag over its head. Maybe even dress it up in a Luck jersey. We make the identity a secret. Everybody would be curious to discover the identity of the bag wearing statue, only to find Orlovsky inside. What a disappointment that would be!

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When the Networks in Lousiville start carrying random games instead of the Colts.

Such as last week and this week. :(

In the Ville here too!!! Not too upset about last weeks game not being on... I think though I'm finally over the "we stink depression" and really want to see the games on again. I can remember how many winning seasons we had before you could see a Colts game on every week. (Use to be Titans and Bengals area for AFC games.) Really goes to show how much can be lost so quickly with losing games. Years of winning to get on tv, a couple of weeks losing and stripped of broadcasts. With the bengals doing so well though, it could be sometime before we get to see another one on. Luckily I love listening to Lamey during games. Often I'll have the tv on and listen to Lamey, although the delay can be irritating.lol

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