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Colts Vs. Falcons Game Day Thread


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The thing that upsets me with Painter is by the time he's comfortable finally and in synch with the receivers it's too late for them to come back. After all this time playing, starting, practicing, and taking reps with the first team he should not be taking 2 or 3 quarters to get comfortable.

This kid isn't even a decent back up QB.

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The play of this team is disgusting. They can't even go 3 and out after a kickoff. fumbles last 2 weeks in a row putting us in a hole. I just want one series of good football, and Colts can't deliver. I'm going up to play some Xbox soon, I guess. :(

Your insights will be sorely missed.

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How come all of the guys they get rid of in the secondary go off and play well for other teams, yet they keep the scrubs around?

The real scrubs on this team are the coaches.

It's not that they're keeping the scrubs, it's just the guys they release are being picked up by teams with better Defensive coaches.

Freeney and Mathis deserve better Defensive coaches then what they have.

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A truly pathetic, disgusting display by the Colts. I asked earlier in the week which player for the Falcons would the Colts turn into a superstar today. The answer is Julio Jones. Our defense is beyond embrassment and Painter is back to his dumb ways. Yep, Painter has vindicated Polians greatness again.

What a joke of an organization, management and players.

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