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Reminds Me Of Jerry Hughes Situation

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See, the thing about Hughes is he isn't going to get on the field in favor of Freeney or Mathis very often. We use a tandem at the DE position. Anderson and Brayton play more on run downs. Freeney and Mathis play more on pass downs. All of those DEs get plenty of breathers. It's not like we need to give Freeney a breather when he only plays half the defensive plays. I'm still not ready to give up on Hughes because when I watch him, he gives a good push up front, he's fast, and he holds his gap well. He will make Mathis expendable next year. Could his draft pick have been used on someone better? Of course, but it doesn't make him a bust yet. Brown is a bust, always has been a bust, and always will be a bust.

Hughes has done zero for this team. Less than that in fact. He'll be cut before next season. Brown has had some (limited) success. Your blind 'love' for Hughes is....er.....blind. Whether they are good or not only points to the fact that we did not need these positional players, and the Polian Company and Sons completely screwed up. At least we needed a LT, but picked the wrong guy.

Sorry, slided off topic there....

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I found the stats and it said he had two tackles, did he get much time in the game? Did he put much pressure on the qb?

He saw some action in the 4th quarter. He probably played around 4-6 minutes in the game which is good time for him. One of those tackles was for a loss and it was a 4 or 5 yard loss. Looked decent.

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