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Matthew Berry's Top 150 for 2015

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    • This is the best way to describe Ballard as a GM. Couldn't agree more! 
    • My thoughts & prayers go out to P Ryan Stonehouse and hope that he recovers from his injury.   I doubt that the Special Teams Coach was fired for the results of this one game.  Other than Nick Folk - the Titans Special Teams has failed to live up to their moniker.   I think a number of player and coaching changes will be happening in Tennessee this off-season.
    • We'll have to agree to disagree.   Thanks for your feedback.
    • Read the whole thing, that was very revealing. One unnamed player said it's not Reich's style to be overly critical of any player or position group. Some said he was more openly calling out Young's mistakes early in the season, and then pulled back as the season progressed, to protect Young's confidence. Nothing there seems surprising...   Also, in this whole thing, with tons of named and unnamed sources, nothing about the owner forcing the QB pick.   I think it's interesting that Tepper pushed Reich to hire from outside his inner circle, and how that led to some mismatched ideologies on the coaching staff. Trying to incorporate some of the Rams stuff that Thomas Brown was bringing into Reich's system didn't go well. There were competing priorities with helping Young get up to speed, and how much focus should be on him operating the offense as a rookie, vs working on his fundamentals and footwork right away. They started drilling him on footwork a few weeks ago...    Not to pat myself on the back (okay, just a little), I said in my pre-draft write up that Young had an inconsistent drop back, sometimes lacking urgency in his footwork, and I wondered if it would be an issue. That's something that was a point of contention among the staff. And Tepper even told Reich to fix Young's footwork. It's kind of ironic to me that two years ago, Reich was expected to be the cure for Wentz's issues with fundamentals -- and I think some of those technique issues improved with Wentz from 2020 to 2021 -- and two years later, he found himself in a mess with a young QB who has decent technique but needed some minor refinements. And even though I think Tepper is way out of his lane on some of this stuff, it's kind of surprising that the owner should need to tell the HC that the QB needs to work on his footwork. Kind of like it was surprising that owner had to prompt Reich to bench Matt Ryan last year.   And I agree with DJ Chark -- everything isn't fixed just because Reich is gone.
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