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Colts interested in Eric Decker? (Report)/Rumor (merge)

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The Denver Post expects free agent Eric Decker to command $8-$9 million annually.

It's a very realistic number. The Post cites the annual average salaries of Dwayne Bowe ($11.2M), Greg Jennings ($9M) and Mike Williams ($7.2M), and the NFL's salary cap is increasing by $10 million. So even if Decker's 172/2352/24 line over the last two seasons has been inflated by Peyton Manning, he's still going to get paid. The Broncos are not expected to pony up the cash as they look to 2015, when Demaryius Thomas and Julius Thomas need to get locked up.

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    • He plays his role very well.
    • I recall being surprised that the Colts took Campbell instead of DK Metcalf.  Given injuries to Campbell, retrospectively ...
    • I wouldn't try to connect too many dots.   MN OL is not good. We played more man today, giving the DL more time to get home. It looked like we stunted/blitzed a bit more too.   As far as the TN/Jax game, TN hasn't looked that great. They've needed late game heroics and FGs to win both games. Is Jax as bad as we thought, probably not. But you shouldn't be all that surprised that Minshew passed for 300 against them. Their pass D wasn't good last year, and it's not good this year. Didn't watch the game, but I'd bet they played a lot soft zone like we did, and Minshew simply carved them up short to intermediate like he did us.
    • He had a better completion % too. But, I'm just kidding. Teddy did not play well from what I read. Maybe I will watch the game on Game Pass to get a feel of how he played.    I think continuity is something that people undervalue. Teddy is new to that Panthers. I expect him to play better as the weeks pass. On the Vikings, the only change on offense is Jefferson instead of Diggs. Cousins looked lost out there. He had 3 TOs and a safety (which I see as a TO). He never looked in control. Diggs helped the offense more than anyone gives him credit.    I want us to draft a QB. I have wanted this since Teddy got hurt. I would prefer developing Josh Rosen than pay big bucks to Cousins. Anyway, I'm rambling. Lol
    • Who says I’ve passed final judgement?
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