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Jags Make Move To Try For Race To Bottom In Preparation For Colts After Their Bye Week


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The Jaguars put Sims-Walker, who recently rejoined them, on injured reserve with a knee problem to make room for .Brian Robiskie calmed off waivers from Cleveland

Guys who are not good enough to help Cleveland are unlikely to be of much help to Jacksonville,

Robiskie now has time to immerse himself in the Jaguars’ system since they are in a bye week, and perhaps he can have a role in their next game, Nov. 13 against the Colts in Indianapolis.

What does he offer? I asked Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc.

"He has better size than some of their smaller receivers, but he's not nearly as shifty or explosive as those guys," Williamson said. "Robiskie is a pure possession guy that struggles to separate and doesn’t have outstanding physicality. In essence, he is a jack of all trades and a master of none.""


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All Robiskie has to be is decent and it would be great. Our WR corp is terrible, obviously. Nobody stepped up. Zach Miller got hurt (again) and is on IR. Even Pro-Bowlers Lewis & Jones-Drew are dropping balls. It's amazing that MJD is having such a great year on the ground.

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no. that was just one weird poster who wouldnt shutup about him

This made me pause to think. You know what is missing this year? Somebody incessantly overhyping the abilities of one of the backup running backs. Where are the people that went to college with Delone Carter, or wore his number in high school, or coached him in pop warner and just know that he is going to take the NFL by storm? It just doesn't feel like the Colts forum without a perpetual thread about how the backup running back would be putting up Barry-Sanders-esque numbers if only the management wasn't holding him down.

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