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Should we get another assistant to HC?


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  1. 1. Should We get another assistant to HC

    • Yes ( for offense)
    • Yes ( for defense)
    • No
    • Maybe

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I don't think we need another one but Pagano should call the plays on defense. Manusky will run the same play 2 man under over and over. Teams will continue to beat us with crossing routes if he keeps calling plays. I think Pagano would be more aggressive on defense and use more cover 3 and zone blitzes like he did with the Ravens.

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I think the offense will tighten its game when the O-line is better, so it's the defense that I'm worried about. Too inconsistent. Is it coaching? That said, IMO, I'd like to see Wade Phillips here. He's not much of a HC, but he can build a defense.

Not coaching. Players & Injuries

Colts play well against the top teams then lay eggs against the mediocre teams. Best defensive games of the year were

San Francisco

Denver (We all knew Peyton & that offense would put up points but we made numerous plays)

Chiefs: Round 1

Also keep in mind we're still building this 3-4 defense image.

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