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I would rather us sign an UDFA as a depth pick. But it's not like this would be a terrible signing if we could get him for the right price. If the depth chart went something like this then I wouldn't hate it, but it could still be better


Vontae Davis (Re-Signing)

Greg Toler

Darius Butler

Josh Gordy (Re-Signing)

Dunta Robinson or Marcus Burley/Sheldon Price. (Maybe either Burley or Price will impress during TC)

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Wasn't there a thread about him last year haha

There's a thread every yr. about every single piece of trash that gets released/cut. This is just the beginning we have a long offseason ahead to see thread after thread about a bunch of losers and broken down rejects. Heck, most of the time people don't even take into account scheme fit because many don't know the difference.

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I live in Atlanta and they had robinson on the falcons for a few years and everyone down here absolutely hated him. He couldn't cover anyone and he was only useful for big hits on receivers over the middle. Plus whenever he hit a receiver he almost always was flagged

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