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Didn't you see him make that kickoff return? The kid is amazing.


But seriously, game manager. Hand off to beast mode, watch D dominate, don't screw it up. Maybe make a throw here or there. Many QB's have won SB's in that fashion.


Yeah its hard to choke or screw up when you don't have to gamble and just play in safe mode.

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Hey look its the real broncos team! Take away Peyton they don't even make the playoffs

See Indy 1999-2011


Although if by some miracle the Colts made the playoffs with that D (WHICH STUNK ALL SEASON LONG) in 2006, but still came alive like they did in the playoffs, many QBs could have won those games aside from the Patriots one.


Aside from that brief period, we haven't sniffed a championship defense for decades. Just been railroaded by them.    Don't even get me started on special teams, though they've been better the past two seasons.



A great O will get you points.

A great D will make you invincibile.

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A couple things. We still like Peyton. We'll hear how he chokes away big games all off-season.

We'll hear how Russell Wilson is better than Andrew Luck.

Lol who's cares. Wilson is a good QB as is Luck.

Peyton is now a Bronco. And its not like he hasn't won a super bowl. Take solace in the fact that he won a super bowl with a superior franchise! The Colts!

Irsay made the right decision.

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