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Dolphin Lose Another One Late And Rams Sack Brees 4 Times, It 2 X & Win


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Yep, we're the worst team in the NFL. The Fins are bound for a win after a close to loss to the Giants and the Broncos. The Rams got theirs and may get another against the Cards next week. Now with us, we been outscored 89-17 in the last 2 games, and we have the Falcons next week, and the Patriots + the Ravens in the next month and a half. It looks like we're bound for the number 1 overall.

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The Dolphins will win a couple games. Say what you will about Tony Sparano, but he is a very prideful man and his teams are always giving it their all every Sunday.

The Rams can beat the Seahawks and Cardinals, they'll win 3 or 4.

We're getting the #1 pick, the only winnable games we have are the 2 against the Jaguars and I don't know how we're going to stop MJD.

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