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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Based on his game by game stats here are my impressions.     He folded against some of the better teams.  I understand he doesn't have the talent around him to pull out a win in these games, but I expect a good future NFL QB to have a decent game where he would at least post a stat line that would show that they are alone willing the offense to moving.   Just doesn't happen.     Against LSU - 15/30 for 130 yards 0 TD's 3 INT's   Again I get that he probably had to play hero ball here but I would like to see some hero ball that is actually successful   Against BYU   29/49 394 yds 1 TD 3 INT   His team was down only by 7 at the half.   So you can't excuse his 3 picks on him having to force things.  He chose to force things.    On top of that in games that are competitive.   Against Wake forest.  A game that I will note Utah State was leading at the half  (No excuses)   33/48 416 yds, 3 TD's and 3 Int's.  Given that this was a 3 point game his int's probably cost his team the game here.     On top of that he had an RB that had 141 yards on 19 attempts for 7.1 yds/carry.     Against Nevada which they won handily.     13/31 169 yards 1 TD 1 Int.  In this game he had 2 RB's over 8 yards per carry, another at 6.2 yards per carry, Defense chipped in 2 Int's and he had a kick return for a TD.   Who the heck throws 31 times with your run game and defense destroying them like this?     To be fair towards the end of the season and the bowl game he had some pretty strong games.   But I don't think I can look at this and say "he was on a bad team".  To me the best construction I can put on this is a guy who started believing his own hype, called his own number far more often than he should and endangered the ball far more than he should have in order to impress the scouts.   To be fair if that is the case it can be corrected and it does seem like he might have done that late in the season, in fact he has some statistically solid to good games towards the end of the season after his team was destroyed by BYU.   But at the same time at the beginning of the season he never seemed to lift his team to victory and based on the stats it seems like he might have called his own number or forced some things that actually cost his team the victory.   This does raise questions about his maturity which I think he has to answer.        
    • I 100% agree, and I see the Chargers being the winners if they want him.  Makes sense, his family is there, they already have a home in LA I believe, and he get to prove he was great even without BB.. (the last part be harder to prove at his age.. now 5 years ago yes.. lol)
    • I heard Colin Cowherd say he thinks we are the best fit for him next year if he doesn’t re-sign with NE. Creative coach, great organisation, excellent young O-line.  Personally, I think he’ll re-sign with NE, just putting that out there.   Thinking objectively about this here. Brady is at least top 2 in GOAT status. His football IQ is off the charts and his drive and leadership is close to being unrivalled. Seeing that we have his former understudy and good friend JB in the QB room currently, would he want to sign here?   At #13 I think we miss out on Burrow, Tua & Herbert. If we were to not pickup a QB early, would you support signing Brady to start/mentor JB for another year and try again next year at a QB of the future?    
    • I wouldn't say this upcoming draft or even possibly the 2021 NFL draft will define Ballard as a GM, but this will be his toughest draft yet in my opinion. I realize that you have to draft best player available, but yet QB is always in the back of your mind. Whether he decides to pull the trigger on a QB, that could possibly define him. Hopefully the scouts and Ballard do the best possible job with the QB scenario because it's going to be super tough to pick in my opinion.
    • I would never do it today unless it was my girlfriend. Different times now. I think people overeact too much, but it is what it is.
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