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    • Ok, my apologies to everyone for the late start on this, but I just wanna confirm what @Colt92 sent me.   I have information for 13 people, but according to the league site on nfl.com, there are currently 7 still in the league:   Team name "Cry Me a Rivers" on the league site (don't know which forum member that is) @Melancholie @WarGhost21 (I think) @brently76  (I think) @TomDiggs @Kangaroo and myself   It seems we lost some people, and I think @brently76 @TomDiggs and @Kangaroo are all moving up to the Elite league if I'm not mistaken?   So I think we have quite a few openings.  I believe @Mackrel829, @IndyEric07, @Chrisaaron1023 were interested?  @buccolts  @Matthew Gilbert   I'd like to have a 12-team league like the Elite League.  If you're already in the Joe's League and I didn't tag you, let me know (and sorry).  If you're interested in joining the Joe's League, let me know.   @chad72 Thank you for getting the ball rolling early on this.  I may be tagging you once in a while in this thread just to try and make sure both commissioners are on the same page moving forward.  
    • I haven’t said any of the things you’ve said.  Like ever.  On here or anywhere else.
    • What if you let Leonard walk for someone that has better pass coverage at WILL but doesn't create turnovers or tackle like Leonard. His coverage skills weren't questionable in 2018 or 2019 is really my point. We all know last year he struggled in that area but it was 1 year. Take away a guy that can tackle like him, our team will get ran all over. Leonard lead the league in tackles in 2018 and was 8th last year? Your LB's should be great tacklers and great at getting to the QB. If we had a good secondary, Leonard could be above average in pass coverage and we could get away with it. Moore is a good player outside of that our secondary is real suspect. If anything should be criticized it is our secondary.
    • I would love to have access to numbers across the NFL to compare and see where Leonard fits amongst all off-ball LBs to see if he is truly average, above average or way above average and by how much. But in the absence of that I will just compare him only to Warner since Warner is currently one of the pillars of being seen as a good coverage LB   So to give an idea on some numbers and how they compare in the first 3 years on average:   DL- 78.1% completion percentage FW- 62.9% completion percentage   DL- 8.90 yards per completion FW- 9.08 yards per completion   DL- 5.75 average yards after catch FW- 5.98 average yards after catch   DL- 6.70 yards per pass attempt targeting him FW- 5.60 yards per pass attempt targeting him   DL- 6 TDs allowed FW- 7 TDs allowed     My biggest takeaways from all of this is that Warner is indeed doing a considerably better job at limiting catches when he is targeted. To the tune of 15% less passes being completed against him.    However, DL does a better job limiting the YAC and allows less yards per completion as well.    At the end of the day I am not entirely sure how DL's numbers compare to all off-ball LBs, but they compare favorably to Warner everywhere except the completion percentage.   It is a big difference and I am not throwing that away. But if DL makes any marked improvement there then he's knocking on the door of being right up there as a coverage LB all while being a better tackler (in volume and missed tackle percentage) having more tackles for a loss, having more forced fumbles, having significantly more takeaways (11 to 6), having way more sacks (15 to 4), having more QB hits (26 to 15), and even having slightly more passes defensed (22 to 21).     DL deserves at least what FW is getting and it is easy to see why most think he deserves more.   He has earned it up until this point. The danger is obviously once he's paid those huge numbers does he continue to produce in a manner that is worth the inflated contract?   My guess is people won't think he earns it once he gets the big money but that is because we are spoiled with how good he has been for how cheap his contract has been until this point.   I am happy to pay him and Q the big money and let the rest sort itself out. Especially with us not having big $ invested in expensive spots like WR, CB and Edge now and in the near future.    
    • Part of the problem you’re having is this….   You don’t want Leonard re-signed — Period.   At any price — period.   You’re not going to like him more at $17m or $15m.   You’ve said so countless times over the last year or so.     You want him traded for whatever we can get.   You think he was drafted too high.   You’ve said so.   You want to be rid of him.    And that’s not going to happen.    I don’t know why you keep banging this same drum?   
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