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Nothing that didnt happen this year matters

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     In comparing teams and projecting games I'm seeing a lot abut what happened last year or 10 years ago....


     ..and its an exercise in the irrelevant..


It makes no difference what NE's playoff record is against Indianapolis.   Different teams. Different years.


It makes no difference what a QB's past playoff record is: Not this year, Not this team.


It makes no difference what NE did to Indy LAST YEAR.


Football teams change dramatically in  personell from year to year


 NE hasn't won the Super Bowl in 10 years and no NE player except for Brady was on that team.



...what your opponent or their coach has done to other teams in the past  also does not matter


Its like saying that because your sister was born on the first day of the month that that your brother will be, too.


It MIGHT happen but its nonsense to use it as a barometer or a factor...,.

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While the title confused me a bit, I would say anything that happened this season is irrelevent to the game even. The colts had the 4th highest variance in the NFL.

Being top 10 in scoring D, while being on the recieving end of two 30 point blow outs. Every colts game is diffeeent this season. All we have to truly go on os hunches and wild guesses.

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