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Fixing The Trenches First

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We addressed O-line last year. Painter, in the last 3 games, if he did not hold the ball for too long, has rarely been hammered.

Castanzo, Reitz and Ijalana - Ijalana is on IR, Reitz could potentially go there as well, Castanzo is coming back from injury - all those 3 have played well. Diem has played well at guard, Ojinnaka has played well at RT, Linkenbach was more miss than hit earlier but he has somewhat stabilized now, Pollak has been playing well but is now hurt and Saturday has been rock solid. We invested 2 early picks in Castanzo and Ijalana, O-line needs continuity, not disruption, IMO and I think we actually have a better group than we did in 2008-2010, IMO with this talent. Unfortunately, we do not have Peyton to take advantage of it, that is a shame. So, from an O-line play point of view, they have not disappointed.

D-line has been a mixed bag. Nevis was quite a find and value. Thank goodness LSU stunk it the previous year, otherwise Nevis would have been round 2 material this year with depth on O-line and D-line not as great as last year, IMO. We need the nose tackle backup behind AJ and a UT replacement for Eric Foster for situational pass rush. All those needs are not 3 down needs but if we do get great value while we are picking, I am sure the Colts will pull the trigger.

In this passing league, you need the pass rushers and the secondary to go with it. We have the pass rushers, just not the secondary.

WR - other than Garcon occasionally, which other WR really commands a double team with safety help? Yep, none. Gonzo is not even available to be brought into the picture. We already have started running the ball better, and soon the play action will become effective but when the opportunity presents itself, you need someone who can get past the CB every once in a while. Otherwise, teams will just play the short intermediate routes every time. Wayne on the outside is not the same as a few years ago, he is a great route runner underneath but no one fears him to beat them up field that they have started jumping underneath routes to him more often.

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Garcon is our best WR. We got him what in the 6th round?

We also had to deal with SB drops and drops in other critical situations. For every Mike Wallace kind of guy you can get in the first 2 rounds that can catch, you can get a speedster like Johnny Knox or Garcon that can be speedy but inconsistent in later rounds. Garcon had, what 2 good games, and once teams had film on Painter's tendencies, he was easier to game plan for. Let us make sure Garcon can continue playing at a high level the rest of the year even when teams are focused on him, that is what earned Wayne and Marvin their stripes. They adjusted their route running well enough to make plays even when teams focused on them with safety help.

No one said we HAD TO get WR in the early rounds at any cost, btw. The defensive secondary is the one that needs the most help in the earlier rounds.

Look at the Saints - Tracy Porter in 2008 round 2, Malcolm Jenkins in 2009 round 1, and Patrick Robinson in 2010 round 1. One has to get some quality picks to expect some quality play in the secondary. Just because we got Bethea and Garcon in rounds 6, it does not mean that we can count on really late round picks becoming Pro Bowlers (though Garcon is yet to be a Pro Bowler like Bethea).

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