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I don't believe in destiny, but a win like this makes the whole team feel good about their chances if they get down.  They will fight and have confidence in each other. There will be no let up.  

Also, Luck is going to be an amazing talent.  I don't have any fears about him shrinking when the lights get big.  Huge win for Luck and the franchise.

On a side note, I do feel sympathy for Andy Reid.  This guy has had a lot of adversity and heart-breaking losses.

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That fumble recovery was when I knew we likely win the game. I think was it Jeff Saturday who got the fumble from one of our RBs and then scored a TD?


This game was like the 2006 AFCCG in 2006.......WOW


I would not want to play this team. Now we are back to house money where we are at our best.



This game was freaking inspirational.

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