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Freeman from 2012 to 2013


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Jerrell Freeman had a monster year last year.  First year starting in the NFL coming out of the Canadian Football League.  He was snubbed for the pro bowl.  Here's the stat line for him for the 2012 Season. 


145 Tackles  2.0 Sacks  1 INT  1 FF  2 Passes Defensed


He actually is having a better year this year.  I knew he was getting better but the stats speak for themselves.  Not as many tackles, but has really improved in other categories. 


118 Tackles  4.5 Sacks  3 INT  5 FF  5 Passes Defensed


I thought it was interesting how much he has improved his stats after the great season he had last year.  The rest of the league needs to recognize him as a Pro Bowl caliber player.  If he is snubbed two years in a row, I give up on the fans voting.  In case your wondering what he is like compared to the NFL's best linebackers that are Pro Bowl favorites: 


Kuechly: 146 Tackles  2.0 Sacks  4 INT  0 FF  7 Passes Defensed


Burfict: 157 Tackles  3.0 Sacks  1 INT  1 FF  8 Passes Defensed


Alonso: 145 Tackles 2.0 Sacks  4 INT 1 FF  5 Passes Defensed


David: 137 Tackles  6.0 Sacks  5 INT  2  FF  10 Passes Defensed


Bowman: 124 Tackles 4.0 Sacks  0 INT  3 FF  7 Passes Defensed


All have more tackles than Freeman but when it comes to forcing fumbles and getting to the QB Freeman does it better than most linebackers.  I think Burfict is consider an OLB not a ILB though, if that changes anything about the selections of the position.   


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