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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts @ Chiefs Game Day Thread

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DHB's back in the mix?


I thought I saw him in there.   Perhaps I could've just been suffering from a serious hangover.  

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another hit behind the line on TR


Yeah I was really concerned with Satele being back in the mix with Reitz out.  We are probably going to see the OL at their usual today. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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    • Actually those are all short heights for the average NFL reciever. I think I said a bigger possession reciever. Something more like 6'4 6'5. I guess Pascal is average height. I want that guy with a huge catch radius who can go up and bring down those high 50/50 throws. Dont get me wrong we have good talent but height insnt coachable. If you find TY talent that is 6'4 you take it over 5'9.
    • I think it doesn´t matter which Qb (IF at all)  you take at 15 (or 14 or16...),he should sit a year and learn anyway. So it wouldn´t be really a loss to start him in his 2nd year.
    • I thought we’d go 8-8 or 9-7 with JB, the rooks, turmoil of losing a franchise QB. we’re not that far off, even with all the injuries.  Which were many.   I was hoping we’d squeak in the playoffs.   I also thought Frank wanted an offense that put pressure on the D.  I really didnt see the creativity i did last year.  Not gimmicks, But creativity in formations and playcalling.  Perhaps it was due to our losses at WR and TE.  I also was confused by our bi-polar personality when it comes to risk and being aggressive.   I dont think the sky is falling (long-term), but some changes, and perhaps tweaks, are necessary.
    • I did that already either you understand it or you don't 
    • We currently have pick 15--if Tua is still available, would you take a punt and pick him, with the thought he would miss his rookie season?
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