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Colts @ Chiefs Game Day Thread

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WTG Luck !!!  Most passes or is it pass yards in his 1st 2 seasons !!!


ok edit - 2nd most pass yards in his 1st 2 seasons !!

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Nice job, Luck is looking great.  2nd most passing yards by a QB in his first two season!

he needed 234 yard to tie Cam newton for most passing yards in 1st 2 yrs

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    • I had it: 1 - 2006 2 - 2005 3 - 2009   We aren't far off. The 2005 team had Marvin, Edge, Bob, and a healthy Freeney. I get the 2009 team won the AFC but talent wise 2005 was better than that team, JMO. 2006 was pretty equal in talent to 2005 plus we had Adam in 2006 and won the SB so we agree 2006 is the best. In 2006 Addai and Rhodes made up for the loss of Edge.
    • I think we chose the right QB but only time will tell. He is familiar with our staff and we have a great O.line. 25 Mill is a lot but if he does stink, he is off the books after 2020.
    • Everyone says the 05 team was the most talented but we didn't make it past the the divisional round so it doesn't matter. If your ranking the teams based off of what matters in the NFL (Winning Championships), than the 06 team was the best. 09 we likely would have went 16-0 if we didn't sit the entire team for the final 2 weeks as well so theres that. 1- 2006 2- 2009 3- 2005
    • If he's bad, it's a bad signing, even if he signed for $5m instead of $25m. This team might be just a good QB away from being a real contender, and if we signed the wrong one, we're blowing a shot in a year where the AFC could be wide open.   But for a veteran QB with some statistical accomplishments, $25m for one year isn't hard to justify. Prime-age QBs were already coming in at low to mid 30s. Teddy Bridgewater got $21m. Ryan Tannehill got $29.5m/year for handing off to Derrick Henry. Two years ago, Alex Smith got $23.5m/year. Drew Brees and Tom Brady seem like the best comps for Rivers, and they both signed for exactly $25m/year.    I feel like that's exactly his market. If Brady stayed with New England, I would have seen Rivers and the Bucs being a natural fit.    I'm not sure about Rivers being the QB the Colts need, although I understand the match between him and the staff. I don't think there's any match between this staff and someone like Cam Newton, for a variety of reasons, so I don't think the comparison works. 
    • Sad, but predictable, and in keeping with the nonsense and slow cook, passive, brainwashing our institutions have been performing on our society for decades about this issue; the president of the Navaho Nation, released a short statement.  It reveals quite clearly to anybody with an open mind willing to cleanse themselves of the passive coersion, about how he identifies his people as being different...self segregating....from the rest of Americans, and tries to foist the wrongminded notion that colonist stole this great country from them.  Just like stupid people with PHDs in sociology and Amercian History try to do.    He calls his people "First Americans".  LOL, obviously the way we've been taught for decades, and the basis of the nonsensical name "native Americans"  The entire PC name is an attempt to slow cook brainwash America into thinking the colonists stole America from them.  Flat out says, First Americans, finally and probably unintentionally revealing the passive intent of the decades old coinage of the term Native Americans, when it should just be Natives.    Its such an offensive statement and concept, trying to claim his people thought of America before the colonists.   How dare he tries to steal America away from the people who built it. invented it out of their own brains.  He should be called out, then sued for attempted robbery.  And I should get a refund on my tuition and tax dollars for all of the sociology classes I had to take.  Having to pay money for an attempted brainwashing.   https://www.foxnews.com/sports/navajo-nation-releases-statement-washington-redskins-retire-team-name-logo   Having said that. the code talkers were quite an asset in WWII and their contribution should be elevated to common knowledge, honored, and cherished.  But it would be a stupid name for a football team.      
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