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Colts @ Chiefs Game Day Thread

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Welcome back to Colts NFL Gameday, Colts fans!     :)   Our AFC North Division Champions and 9-5  Indianapolis Colts will try to both win their tenth regular season game in 2013, and solidify a home game in the upcoming playoffs, as they are at the Kansas City, Missouri, area to play the greatly improved and 11-3 Chiefs. Chiefs are  the NFL team with the most season improvement in wins, winning only two in all of 2012.


Cloudy skies at 22 degrees, with a wind chill of 9 degrees is the game forecast inside Arrowhead Stadium at the Harry S. Truman Sports Complex at Independence, Missouri, along with  77% humidity, 0% precipitation, and north/northwest winds at 14 miles per hour, for the  1:05 Eastern Standard Time kickoff.


NO injuries, and wish both the Colts and Chiefs players play safely as they compete on the cold elements on the playing field.


Stay Colts Strong, and also wish the Colts to over come the very noisy fan environment, and the cold, throughout this afternoon's game. We hope Coach Chuck Pagano and his Colts coaching staff, and Andrew Luck and his Colts teammates can pull the upset today in KC,


I also want to state to everyone here on the Official Colts Strong Fan Forum to all the registered users, and fellow members and moderators, Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings, and Happy Holidays, to all your family, friends and loved ones on this holiday season!    GO COLTS!!!!!     :coltslogo:  :1colts:  :colts:  :coltshelmet:  :blueshoe:  :coltshorse:  :coltsfb:  :coltslogo:   :D



Complete Colts @ Chiefs Week 16 NFL Game Day Preview, and NFL On CBS TV Distribution Map In Red:






Colts @ Chiefs Live NFL Game Centers:







Colts @ Chiefs Pre Game Injury Reports





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Must win the turnover margin to get a W today,.

Agree 100% here.  Big key to the game.

45 mins until game time.  Nice and warm here in the northeast.  Hopefully we get

a good performance in the cold.  It may be a tune-up for the playoffs!


Go COLTS!  All day, every day!

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WTH Samson Satele ??????????  


He got OWNED on that FB run!


Coaches need to be FIRED for putting him back in there!

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    • I am one that has no problem with people using stats to help measure a player. I got my degree in Business from IUPUI and had to take rough math classes and a statistic class that was off the chart. Stats are important, I get that. All I have ever said is there are more to rating a player than stats. Leadership is gigantic, at least to me it is, that is not a stat and can't be measured. JB is a great leader. The only 2 stats some seem to keep bringing up in here to say JB struggles or is below average are YPA and total yards passing per game. Every time someone tries to come back and say well he has 15 TD's in 8 games and only 4 INT's it gets ignored by those same people. Those 2 stats are crucial to stat people. If we had a QB that threw a lot of INT's we would stink period. Also another crucial stat is red zone efficiency, JB is great in the red zone.    To me this is just a waste of a post and my last one on it because with some they ignore other facts other than YPA and total yards passing. How can anyone have a reasonable debate with someone when they ignore things like a QB's leadership, that the WR core is average at best, etc.. Even when Hilton has played this season he has been banged up for the most part.   One last thing, it would be one thing if we were losing to bring up JB's yards passing but we are winning. JB isn't costing us any games as of now. If it was costing us games I would buy into some of these posts but it's not. I was listening to the Dan Dakich show earlier and he was saying how some Colts fans do not think JB is any good. He just laughed and said it is because they want a QB that throws for 5000 yards and is flashy. I rarely agree with him but he has a good point here. Some just need to accept JB isn't Andrew Luck and we now have a run 1st offense. I have accepted it because we are winning and as a fan have to accept it because that is the hand we are dealt. The only alternative is, not to watch anymore.
    • Good tidbits. To add - We were gifted a in-the-grasp on a TD throw by Watkins. A healthy Fuller scares me. 
    • The Week 7 meeting: Colts 30 TX 23 Brissett was 26 of 39 for 326 yards passing nd 4 TDs He is 4-0 vs, TX. Hooker & Kenny Moore did not play. TX had 10 penalties for 54 yards. TX were 2 for 5 in the Red Zone. The Colts did not get one first down running the ball. Watson was 23 of 43 for 308 yards. Hopkins caught nine passes. Will Fuller left the game with an injury. What impact if any will the hammering of the Texans have on their game?  The Texans have the Patriots next.
    • We should run all over Carolina, so that's positive. Allen is so inconsistent. He's putting up plenty of yards, but he's been an INT machine at times. If he has a clean game, could be trouble. I was very surprised they beat TN, and stayed close to GB in GB.
    • To some degree it makes sense.  Cain hasn't lived up to the hype (maybe he's not fully healthy) and Campbell is still pretty raw.  I think Campbell started showing very positive strides in the last game he played prior to getting injured.     Early in the season the only true, consistent deep threat we had was TY.  I think if TY is fully healthy, Funchess is fully healthy, and Campbell/Pascal are fully healthy down this last stretch, we'll see more wrinkles (including deep routes) in our offense.
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