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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • Ravens, think Jackson gets in done in playoffs, KC will be right there, Colts wont be a tough playoff out by any means either, Buffalo a year away imo.     Bears their D gives everyone problems, Robinson having another very good year at WR (Maybe top WR no one really talks about much) already beat the Bucs and their schedule is easy down the stretch also which will allow a fresh roster into the playoffs.  Seattle has looked impressive and a lot of depth, Tampa wont go down easy and Drew looking to cap career in N.O. with one last run.
    • That's a lot of work, I'm always appreciative of the people here that put that kind of effort into the forum.  So thank you.    I just wrote a post on a different topic that touches on this a little bit.  I'm not sure what to make of the receiver carousel but typically receiver production is a by-product of the QB.  Rivers has a lot to do with it as it relates to schemes etc.  We're way to shotgun dependent (75%) which takes play action out of the equation which we're built for. To me, that's because Rivers like to read the defense but it also works in reverse and makes routes and patterns easier to cover because there's no play action and NOBODY is biting on backfield run fakes from the gun.  My two cents.  Thanks again.
    • 2/3, or 4/6 is good for me. If you're taking up 25% for your top picks every year for 11% of your roster, some areas of your roster will simply be imbalanced. It also depends on what you do with in FA, and especially your strategy for other high end positions.  Not saying that's a bad financial strategy, but it is a bad locker room strategy. Not talking specifically about JJSS, just in general. If you're known as an organization that discards after rook contracts, players view you as a factory. I know it's a business, but you have to have to consider it. It would be like us moving away from Leonard, or others, after they perform well and exhaust their cheep rookie contracts.    Houston was stupid to give him up. Considered one of the biggest boneheaded moves of the years. It's why a certain coach has a bad rep. It's a position that's rotated for sure, but a lot of positions are. DL, DB, TE, RB, etc are all highly rotated. Only QB and OL are positions with little to no rotation. In Indy, we don't rotate Leonard, or some other thin positions that much, but that hurts us long term. Anyway, you have to look at averages. Just like TEs. You often list 2 starting TEs along with 3 WRs, but you don't have 2+3 on the field. You average ~1.5+2.5ish. If you're going to use 3 WR with that logic, you have to use 2 TEs, etc. and now your adding to your "22" total to normalize.   I think we both value the position the highly. We just differ on acquisition strategy. I think you have to look at all high priced and strategic positions, and have a better mix for a healthy roster. It doesn't really matter if they are drafts, UDFA, FAs, etc. so long as you have a good age, cost, experience, and skill mix. For example, Ballard has probably over drafted early/mid DEs (2nd and 3rd) round and failed. And looking at the DL in general, only one of the starting 4 are draft picks (which is the cheapest one), and the drafted depth don't look capable of stepping up. So we're in a position end of year where both starting DEs need renewal or replacement. It's a position/area where we've invested both heavy in draft capital, but have had to spend a bunch in FA as well.    Anyway, give me 2 early/mid WRs every 3 years, and 1 FA every 3 years, and some late round or UDFA project lottery tickets every year. That's what we've done. Only injury has gotten in our way from some very potent starting 3s.
    • Exactly right, play action from under center also lends itself to taking the big shots.  We're way too shotgun heavy for a team that wants to lean on the run game and set up play action.  That's part of the reason we're not getting the deep ball as much as we like.  Some people think that we need faster receivers, that's not the issue. It's two fold, it's what Rivers wants (shotgun) so we cater to it because he's the qb and he's so slow afoot by the time he hits his drop in play action the short route windows have already expired, meaning crossers and slants have entered the coverage zone, too slow.     Right now the totality of this offense is driven by one guy, I've said from week one, this team will go as far as Philip can take it.  What offenses fail to realize is zone read is totally pointless if the QB is neve going to keep it.  That makes it easier for the defense to read and react as well.  So not only is it easier for Philip to read a defense but its also easier for the defense to read Philip.    I'll close by saying, I never wanted Rivers here but now that he is, I do like him personally, and he can still be wildly effective when protected.  That scenario will only take us so far.  I have a strong suspicion who our QB may be for 2021 but I'm going to sit on that for a bit...
    • No idea you are a woman, always thought you were a guy. Learned something today on the forum!
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