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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Just curiouis...but what makes you think that? Not saying Rivers won't help Hines...but I think Ekeler is a much better pass-catching back...he's tougher, more elusive and much more productive per catch.   I actually hope the Colts will be looking to upgrade Hines sooner than later. 
    • Jeremy Lamb is out for the season (and possibly more).     
    • The first half of the season we were really good at time of TOP. So this is not completely true. It did fall apart the second half though.
    • This is definitely new territory for a lot of Colts fans.  We have been spoiled watching Manning and luck for the last 20yrs.  The team has no identity and it’s not a very good year to need a QB.  The prospects all are sort of meh and the free agent market is absolutely terrible.  There really isn’t one QB rumored to be available that makes you say trade for them.  I really think this is going south before it gets better. We finally have a great OL just in time to watch them wasted on mediocrity team play starting with the QB.  I can’t speculate what they will do bc there are so many options.   Sadly, I don’t think any of them are the right option, just hope it’s the best choice considering the circumstances.  We have one of the best young GMs and a good coach that will probably lose their jobs in the next couple years bc no one was really available to play QB. We are 2-3yrs into a regime change and besides a few pieces not much has been solved...we can speculate potential all we want but question marks surround most position groups.  I will trust the process but we have seen time and again when the QB finally is chosen it’s a little too late and the front office and coach are fired to make an irate fan base happy. 
    • As for the pick...not really a fan. Give me Higgins or Ruggs.   Though this draft would be very favorable getting Love in the 2nd round.
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