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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Last time he was seen was at the Colts facility during the bye week. He was JACKED! Looked bigger, like a baby Hulk.
    • Chad Kelly needs to play the final 3 games. Houston and Tenn are both 8-5 and will face Sunday, so we are eliminated anyway. Play Kelly and see what you have in him. If we're lucky, he'll look great and we won't have to draft a QB early in the draft next year. Nothing to gain from starting Brissett and Hoyer. Brissett is regressing and Hoyer is who he is. See what you have in Kelly.
    • Brissett is a bad QB. He takes too long to throw the ball because he's scared to make a mistake. Won't throw deep. Won't scramble. Poor field vision. Makes an elite O-Line average at pass-blocking. Has regressed since teams have tape on him. Has trouble putting up any sort of yards or points unless we run for 100+ yards per game. Can't carry the team or lead it to victory. He's easily replaceable. Potential all but gone. He's done like dinner. Not even fun to watch.   I don't care who we draft at QB, anything is better than what we currently have. At least a new QB will have potential and a new skillset. There will be some hope. We're in a horrible spot right now, and another year of Brissett would drop attendance faster than a skydiver from an airplane. I certainly can't go through another year of this.   You at least have to give the illusion of hope to draw me in. A new QB does that. With Brissett, there is none.
    • It’s all good crazy coLt we are both colts fans and rooting for the same team. I don’t wanna argue with a colts fan. I will save it for a pats fan or Texans fan. I just wanted to defend why I was saying what I was saying. It hits a nerve to me when people criticize other people’s colts related threads no matter how monotonous it’s become, even if that’s not how you meant it.  Have a merry Christmas   
    • Dude, u call this bashing?  I barely said anything about the guy and merely asked the question if it was him or coaching. How is that bashing?  And by you complaining that this thread was started you basically said that this thread is unwelcome. Am I losing my mind here people or what??  Again im not sure it’s brissett that’s why I’m asking. There is anecdotal evidence it could be him but I’m not so sure. It could be other teams are dialing more pressure near the end of the games or we are running too much and getting stuffed to keep the clock running. I’m not trying to argue here I’m just basically defending what I wrote. 
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