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some questions about game

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I only got a chance to see about 5 minutes of yesterday's game -- and from reading reports/box score/posts on here I have a few questions about what I missed.  Hoping someone can help me out.


(1) Did DHB see the field at all?  It looked like Rogers was the lone WR on the field on a few plays I saw and the boxscore doesn't even have DHB listed as being 'targeted'.  I assume Rogers and TY got most of the time in 2 WR sets -- did DHB come in for 3 WR sets or was Whalen being used over him?


(2) I saw a few plays on defense with Darius Butler on A. Johnson and have read on here that Davis also did a good job on him.  Was Vaughn the 3rd CB?  If not who was?  And when we had 3 or more CB's on the field was Butler staying outside or moving into the slot?


(3) I read Adongo got hurt (sounds like a hamstring injury) -- was he playing only special teams still or did he see any action on D?  How did he look before injury?  Any clue how bad the injury was?


(4) Looks like Rogers got targeted 6 times but only had 2 catches -- did he seem to play well?  I think one of the targets to him was intercepted -- were other targets to him missed because of him or were there bad throws or good defensive plays?




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DHB played special teams, and came in on offense in very limited plays, mostly to block, Josh Gordy was the 3rd CB and Butler went into the slot, Adongo was limited to special teams only. Rogers dropped one pass on our first drive, which we scored on, another one he ran a bad route and the corner made a good play on it, and the other 2 passes to his way were on Luck. He made a nice sliding catch though too

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