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Griff Whalen to have MRI

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Add Griff Whalen to the list of Colts who went down in what was the best game we've played since Reggie Wayne's injury

@TribStarTJames: Looks like WR Griff Whalen may have hurt his foot against the Texans. Expected to get an MRI.

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It looks like you and the other guy (SkyBane?) made it your personal mission, to be against Griff.

or we just realize that he is what he is


a dime a dozen player that can be replaced with almost anyone.  the only thing impressive about his day was the return game.  

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If Whalen's MRI comes back and its bad news and Brazill can't go next week do you guys think we will sign Branch?

TY isnt exactly 100% either, though he seems to be good enough. If both Whalen and Brazill are no gos for KC, then Whalen will be released to sign Branch. You simply cant operate with only 3 active WR, too much can go wrong.
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Hope you're right,  B-on-the-T


But MRIs are pretty expensive...and worrisome


..If the trainer messes with your knee doesn't he have to suspect something to schedule an MFRI?

I'm not saying his injury isn't serious, but they are careful/thorough when it comes to injuries nowadays.

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There should be more opportunities unless an injury stalls him. Whalen is expected to undergo a magnetic resonance imaging test today, although he declined to specify which body part was ailing him after a long stint in the cold tub.

“Just sore,” he said.

Soreness never felt so good.



From this article: http://www.thestarpress.com/article/BG/20131215/SPORTS03/312150040/Same-ol-Griff-Colts-WR-Whalen-has-TD-catch-51-yard-punt-return

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