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Andrew Luck Is In Da Bag!

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We suck soooooo bad right now it is impossible to foresee us finishing anything but with the worse record! We are playing a tough first place schedule. The Dolphins are playing a relatively easy schedule from this point on. Our team is getting worse...not better. And our coaches are getting worse...not better. Actually, our coaches are clueless right now. It was comical how unprepared and unmotivated the team was against the Saints. That team quit tonight! It was just like the good old days of Ron Meyer and Jack Trudeau and Bill Brooks and Eugene Daniels and Jeff Herrod and Rohn Stark being our best weapon!

For those fans who fret and cry about how the Colts shouldn't take Luck if they have the first pick, get over it. Whoever has the first pick in the draft will take Andrew Luck. Period. I don't care if it's the Colts, the Dolphins, the Vikings, or even if it's the Patriots with Brady! You simply do not pass up on the closest thing to a sure thing at the most difficult position in football...EVER! EVER!!! You draft Luck and sit him until Manning says NO MAS then you plug him. That's it.

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miami will win a couple games this year , but where will the colts win games. Maybe the jags, but they just beat the ravens. So you dont know what will happen. And why wouldnt we draft luck, so we can trade the first pick and get a couple of first rounders and pick busts like we always do

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